23:30, 07.02.2018
Two different halves in the execution of our teams

Last Sunday the second round of the championship started. For us, this start was very important. Our second team have to play first match , which entered the championship only in December. It was a certain debut. Both our teams had to play in a new football uniform.

The first on the field in the guest match against the team GeuzenMiddenmeer, left our second team. Our rival was a young team that played six matches in the championship and won in all. Three of the players from the first team came to our second team to help them. This is the goalkeeper Zgaoula and the defenders Holets and Banahene. And on the field the guys came out in the following line-up: Goalkeeper Mohamed Zgaoula, the central defenders Osie Banahene and Roman Maltsev-Jones, on the right back Zachery Lynn and on the left Vitaliy Holets. Defensive midfielder began to play Nerijus Kalkauskas and two attacking midfielders Renan Peronio and Andreas Becca. Right Dmitry Iljasevics and left Luc Heering. And in the attack Carlos Blanco. Remained in the reserve Iyad Altuba, Evgheniy Zaitsev, Ivan Subotjalo, Temirlan Zhumanov, Dennis Smit and Ruslan Ismailov.

The first half the guys play at a high level. By the 9th minute they won with the score 0: 2. Goals scored Dmitriy Iljasevics and Renan Peronio. And at the end of the first half score the new player Andreas Becca. By the way, about the newcomers who debuted in this match they turned out to be seven people. The guys did it all. It seemed that this team can achieve good success and good results, as indeed everyone liked the game. During the break, one replacement was made. Luc Heering left the field because of injury and Evgeniy Zaitsev came out to play in his place. The hosts at the 50th minute make the score 1: 3, but after three minutes Andreas Becca again scores for our team. Everything was fine until the 65th minute. But then the coach decides to let other players play. And at the same time retain the strength for some players who had to play later for the first team. Thus, he removes from the field Osie Banahene and Andreas Becca and instead of them on the field go Ivan Subotjalo and Dennis Smit. And in five minutes the field leaves Zachery Lynn, who asked for a replacement because of injury. Temirlan Zhumanov is changing him. And after that the team fell down. Players who came to replace the favor did not bring. No useful actions were taken either in the attack or in the defense. Well, perhaps Ivan Subotjalo, who three times carried the ball from the goal line. But the opponent within 8 minutes was able to make the score 4:4 and in psychological terms were on top. By the end of the match, Iyad Altub and Ruslan Ismailov came on the field, but there was no sense in this. The hosts scored two more goals and won with a score of 6: 4.

In this defeat the coach takes the blame for himself because of the substitutions, which he did not need to do or do, but later ten minutes before the end of the match. But no matter how he took the blame on himself, it's all just like playing without motivation to the players who came on as a substitute, as this is very unfair to other players from the team who in the first half did everything for a good result and left on the replacement managed to miss five goals in 25 minutes. In the future, we will try to avoid such mistakes, since there are good moments from this match. In the first a good game showed all the players who played in the first half. Dmitriy Iljasevics was noted by the scored ball and two assists. Also a good game was conducted by newcomers Andreas Becca, Zachery Lynn, Roman Maltsev-Jones, Carlos Blanco and Nerijus Kalkauskas. With these guys you can achieve success. And in the future we will try to achieve this.

In the evening the moment came when the players of our first team appeared on the field in the home match. Or rather with only nine players. The remaining ten players were absent for various reasons. Therefore, it was necessary to strengthen the 4th players from the second team. And on the field came the following players: Goalkeeper Mohamed Zgaoula, the central defenders Robert Gurjan and Osie Banahene. Right Juho Koistinen and left Vitaliiy Holets. Defensive midfielder, Valentin Schwerdfeger and two attacking midfielders Michiel Stolwijk and Charles Moses. Right in the midfield, Luc Heering and left Stas Skybitskyi. And in the attack Andrea Foglia. In the substitutes were two players. This is Andreas Becca and Ruslan Ismailov.

As well as our second team, the players of the first team had a great first half. And managed to score four times. Three of them are very beautiful goals. The goals were scored by Charles Moses, Andrea Foglia, Stas Skybitskyi and Michiel Stolwijk. But in the second half the team, as if replaced. Within 17 minutes our team misses four goals. And immediately there were two thoughts. The first is that the same scenario will happen as with the second team, but this is not the fault of the coach, since there were no substitutions to give everyone a chance to play. And secondly - is the new uniform really not with luck. But two minutes later, as the opponent equalized the score, our guys managed to score the winning goal.And the author of the goal became, as always Stas Skibitsky. In fact, Stas became a player of the match, which participated in all the goals scored. In the first goasl, he earned a free kick. The second and fourth goals were scored from his assists. And he scored the third and fifth ball himself. After this victory, our team came in first place and has two points more than the team from the second place, although three games are more played.

This was the last match for our team for Valentin Schwerdtfeger. He leaves our team and leaves to Germany. We were happy to play in the same team with Valentin. He is a great person and very good football player. We wish him good luck in his football career and happiness in life. We are always glad to see you again, Valentin.

In the end I want to say that both our teams have good chances in the championship. The teams play well and the desire is there too. The players is good level, but only football - it's 90 minutes and you have to play with the same attitude the whole match, it does not matter whether you lose 4: 0 or win. Because last Sunday showed in both matches that out of any difficult situation, there is a way out, but only it is necessary to fight and play to the end.