16:30, 15.02.2018
In the battle for six points, the draw was won

Important match for our first team was played in the last Sunday. Rather every match is important for us, but this was also important because neighbors met on the standings. We are certainly ahead of the Hercules team by three points, but they have an advantage in three games, which they have not played yet. Therefore, this match was evaluated as a battle for six points.

Our team had a good match. On the field was one whole team. Each player fought in any part of the field. In the first half, one mistake was made and the opponent took advantage of this. And on the 15th minute the score was opened. They had two more moments in the first half. Once with a free kick hit the crossbar and the second time in the last minute of the half, the opponent's shot in a beautiful jump was parried by our goalkeeper Alexei Lastovka. Our guys had more moments. At least four of them were to end with a goal. But unfortunately his moments were not realized by Juho Koistinen and Charles Moses.

During the break, an involuntary replacement was made. Field left Michiel Stolwijk because of injury. And instead of it came out to play Andrea Foglia. And in the second half our guys completely took control of the game. We began to create many moments. And also began to beat more often on goal from outside of the penalty area. Two strong blows led Alex Garin, but the opponent's goalkeeper parried any ball. And in the 58th minute we still equalized the score. A beautiful combination of guys. Alex Garin entered the penalty area from the left flank and made a transfer to Charles Moses, who threw the ball under attack on Andrea Foglia. Andrea scores a beautiful goal. By the way this is the second goal in two games for Andrea. And this proves that this is not an accident, Andrea has feelings of goals and is in the right position always. And then comes the time of disappointment. Until the end of the match we have the opportunity to increase the score by at least 3-4 times. Only Stas Skybitskyi did not realize four chances. Every time he went one on one with the goalkeeper and could not beat him. Osie Banahene and Alex Garin, also did not use their moments. It was evident that it was not our day. In the end of the match, Robert Gurjan could have distinguished himself, but his blow passed in a few centimeters above the crossbar.

Players who participated in this match. Goalkeeper Alexei Lastovka. Defenders Robert Gurjan, Vlad Graur, Roman Todello and Vitaliiy Holets. Midfielders Osie Banahene, Juho Koistinen, Charles Moses, Michiel Stolwijk and Stas Skybitskyi. Forward Alex Garin. And also on the substitutes come Andrea Foglia and Narek Avdalyan.

Thanks to the guys for the good game they showed. All gave their strength to win, but only got a draw. But this draw was worthy. A good game was spent by Alex Garin, who did a great job both in attack and returning back to help midfielders. He completely fulfilled the task for the match. Beat from far away, fought for any ball and created moments. And basically everybody played a good game. Bravo...

Photo: Cees van Hoogdalem