15:15, 20.02.2018
Success in attack depends on good defense

Two games in a row, our second team lost their away games. And if in the first match they held the first time at a high level and then failed the last 20 minutes. Then there is another excuse that they lost to the team that won six wins in six games played. But our second loss was completely a failure, because they lost to one of the outsiders. And our team did not show anything to be noted as a plus.

The team begins to build from defence, but unfortunately this our trouble was before the last training Fortunately, we had four newcomers on the last training session. And most importantly, three of them are defenders. And it was central defender Keir Newman, who was to become the main figure in the defense of the second team. And it happened.

The guys played a Sunday match very well. In the defense was very good. Almost no mistakes. Therefore, in the midfield and in the attack everything worked out. In the first half our team scored three goals in the opponent's goal. Narek Avdalyan scored twice and Dmitriy Iljasevics scored one goal from the penalty spot, which he himself earned. And these were not all the moments that we had. Two great moments had Andreas Becca. His first kick reflected the goalkeeper and the second hit the crossbar. Luc Heering also did not realize a great moment, he did not score to an empty goal from close range. Also on the goal shot Carlos Blanco and Chet Kreuning, but the ball flew above the goal, or past. Opponent, in turn, did not create a single moment. For the break we leave when the score is 3: 0

During the break we have a replacement. Field left Narek Avdalyan, who felt a pain in his back. And instead of him comes Dennis Schon. And in the team permutation. Dennis plays in the position of the defensive midfielder and Carlos Blanco goes to the position of the striker. Dennis Schon come on the field for the first time after almost four months. He was injured ankle on the 29th of October. Welcome back Dennis! Our guys continue to attack and in the 53rd minute, Carlos Blanco makes the score 4: 0. On the 60th minute Luc Heering leaves the field and instead come Ruslan Ismailov and already in the 61st minute with the first touch on the ball Ismailov ends with a scored goal. A few minutes later, Carlos Blanco scores one more goal and the score is already 6: 0. Until the end of the match, a few more moments were created, but unfortunately they were not realized. But the opponent was able to distinguish himself twice. And both goals were scored with the help of our defenders, who can be seen relaxed a little after 6: 0. The first goal, the panic began to kick the ball out of the penalty area and fell into our own players. And the second ball was scored from the penalty spot, which was also earned by the opponent from nothing. As a result, the match ends with a score of 6: 2.

The composition that came out on the field was as follows. Goalkeeper Alexei Lastovka. Central defenders Keir Newman and Ivan Subotjalo, right in the defense Francesco Moreal and left Zachery Lynn. Two defensive midfielders Carlos Blanco and Chet Kreuninig. Right Dmitriy Iljasevics and left Luc Heering. Attacking midfielder Andreas Becca and in the attack Narek Avdalyan. Substitutes Dennis Schon and Ruslan Ismailov.

In this game there is only one minus, a relaxation in the last ten minutes. Pluses much more. Defined four defenders. Or even more correctly you can say that the main line-up of the second team was decided. Come back after injury of Dennis Schon. The team's newcomers showed a good level of football. Very nice that Narek Avdalyan, Carlos Blanco and Dmitriy Iljasevics scored goals. In occasion of Dmitriy in general it is possible to tell only good words. In the second match in a row scores. It was two goals scored by him that was scored in five years, as he is in the team. Now the guy has opened. His game the last two matches pleases the coach. Bravo Dima, keep it up. And of course with the appearance of Keir Newman in defense, discipline was established. And when the discipline is in defense, then in the attack there is a success. Everyone is playing in a good mood. Let this mood be a success in the next matches.

Photo: Daria Kondrashova