14:00, 21.02.2018
The fight for the title continues

A good match was held by our first team last Sunday. The rival was AC Amsterdam. In the first match we lost to this team with a crushing score of 12: 4. But then we had a completely different team. After that match, we cleaned up unnecessary players in the team. And only two remained in the team, Robert Gurjan and Vitaliy Holets. Of course we had to take revenge and we did it.

The game was at a good level and at high speeds. First, a beautiful goal scored by Charles Moses, a strike from 25 meters. But the opponent in five minutes equalize the score from a penalty. Our guys did not give up and continued to create moments and in the 20th minute Alex Garin make the 2:1. And at the end of the first half our guys caught the opponent on the counterattack and increased the gap in the account. The author of the ball was Ozi Banakhene.

During the break we have a replacement. The field is left by Vitaliy Holets and instead of him makes his debut for the first team Zachery Lynn. The second half is becoming richer for moments, but more poor for the realization of these moments. Another debutant enters the field in the 60th minute. This is the central defender Keir Newman, who changes Vlad Graur. At the 65th minute the score was already 4: 1. And the second goal is written to his account by Alex Garin. We create more moments. The same Alex Garin does not use another good moment and in the 70th minute he leaves the field. And instead of him on the field comes Isaac Konadu, another debutant. A good game is conducted by Robert Rostovtsev, who returned to the team after 9 months in Manchester. Although he is not yet fully physically ready, but his speed has created a sharpness for the game. A good moment was also not used by Stas Skybitskyi. His blow passed just above the crossbar. At the 80th minute, Kofi Amoako leaves the field and Ruslan Ismailov go in. At the 82nd minute the opponent makes the score 4: 2. And two minutes before the end of the match, the point in this game is placed by our captain, Robert Gurjan. After the corner, he scores the fifth goal and we win with a score of 5: 2.

The game went through our scenario. The guys had a great match. It was evident that there was speed in the attack with the appearance of Rostovtsev. Our goalkeeper Alexei Lastovka had an excellent match and won all the dueling with one-on-one exit. At once three debutants played in this match. And now in the team we have very good players who must fight for a place in the lineup. It's so beautiful when there is competition. And now there are at least two people in each position, without Zé Carlos and Gocha Sipki who will return to our team in April. It's a pity of course that the beginning of the season we failed and lost the first three games, but the fight for the championship continues. The main thing is not to lose points and then we'll see what happens. Let's hope for misfires rivals ...

Photo: Daria Kondrashova