«Tournament Zuidbuurt Cup 2018»
On Thursday, May 10 in Vlaardingen will host the Zuidbuurt Cup Tournament. Two years in a row our team is the winner for this tournament and our guys will go again to defend the title and maybe win this tournament for the third time in a row.
«The fight for the title continues»
A good match was held by our first team last Sunday. The rival was AC Amsterdam. In the first match we lost to this team with a crushing score of 12:4.
«Success in attack depends on good defense»
Two games in a row, our second team lost their away games. And if in the first match they held the first time at a high level and then failed the last 20 minutes.
«In the battle for six points, the draw was won»
Important match for our first team was played in the last Sunday. Rather every match is important for us, but this was also important because neighbors met on the standings.
«Without motivation, there is no football»
Last Sunday our second team played its second match in the championship. Again on a visit, but this one with one of the outsider of the group - the TOG club.
«Two different halves in the execution of our teams»
Last Sunday the second round of the championship started. For us, this start was very important. Our second team have to play first match , which registered to the championship only in December.