16:30, 02.02.2018
Our club has a new website design

From today our football website officially passes to a new design. In addition, from now the English version of the website also began to work. The team has become very international and therefore it was convenient for everyone to develop an English version. At the moment the website is under construction, but basically information about the current season is already on the website. The old design works only in the Russian version, that is, non-working links open in the old design. But this is temporary, since it takes time to publish all the information. And the championship begins already this Sunday. The site will be updated with old information every day. All photo and video archives will be added gradually. All the video of the championship for 2017 can already be viewed on the website. From the photos you can still watch the last 8 albums of the championship 2017. Another 8 will be on the website tomorrow. Also information about matches played in 2017 will be edited gradually. The developers of the site hope that everyone will be comfortable to use and everyone will be happy.